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One Moment At A Time...

There are times when life kicks us in the ass and we feel like staying down, particularly now, during these chaotic and uncertain times.

That’s no way to live! It’s time to dig in and fight your way back and rise above it. You may have felt overwhelmed in the past and yet, you survived. You may not remember how you overcame those challenges, but you did because here you are!

Here are 8 actions you can take now, that may help you overcome the overwhelm:

1. Imagine you’re giving advice to a friend. It’s hard to see the way out of your own circumstances. However, it’s easier to see the way out of someone else’s problems. Imagine you’re giving advice to a friend that has your challenge. What advice would you give? If you had to make a plan for them, what would it be?

2. Remember that challenges are temporary. Your current situation will be in the past soon enough, just like all the others that are now in the past. The key is to stay focused and positive. The better you can do those two things, the sooner you’ll experience better times.

3. Brainstorm. Spend some time looking for a solution. Avoid jumping at the first reasonable option. Your brain can solve some amazing challenges if you give it some time to work on it. Sit quietly and rely on your creativity. Make a long list of possible solutions. Keep an open mind and see what you can find.

4. Make a plan for tomorrow. Start each day with a plan already in place. Your job is to keep your head on straight and work on that plan. When the sun comes up, avoid doubting or questioning the plan. Avoid negative thoughts. Just do the items on your list. Make a new list at the end of the day and repeat.

5. Get some relief each day. For at least an hour, find the best creative outlet you can. It might be gardening, reading, painting, cooking, yoga, meditating, or going for a run. A funny movie can help to take the edge off. Plan this time into your schedule and make it happens.

6. Be strong. It's easier said than done but giving in to fear and despair is the one sure way to stay stuck and look for ways to escape. Deep breaths and a constant focus on solutions help. Visualize better times when you feel your strength beginning to falter.

7. Practice gratitude. This too, can be easier said than done, but it is necessary. A miserable attitude gives lackluster results. Try to focus on the things in your life that are going right. You might be grateful for your children, your health, your home, food on the table, or your pet. Write them down. Your list will serve as a reminder that there are some great things in your life. And that list will grow daily.

8. Remember that bad or unforeseen things happen, but suffering is a choice. It is okay to feel less than inspired, but don't dwell on it. It’s not necessarily the events in your life that make you miserable, but the meaning you attach to them. You can choose to view your current challenges in a variety of ways. Consider choosing the perspective that best serves you. You don’t have to suffer.

Life will always be full of ups and downs. When you’re experiencing a down period, it’s not always easy to pick yourself up and return to better times. Others are going through similar times right now. Reach out to each other and help each other through.

No matter how gloomy your situation may look or how lonely you may feel, know and believe that there is a way out of it. A plan and a positive attitude are the most important things to keep in mind.

As I mentioned previously, you’ve overcome difficult times before. And you will now… one moment at a time.

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