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Let Your Inner Child Come Out and Play

Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or boxed in? Discovering your creativity is a great way to break up the monotony of your daily routines, release frustration, or find more joy and fun in your life. It’s time to let your inner child out to play.

In your search for your creative spark, you may discover talents you didn't realize you had or new activities that bring fun and excitement into your life, new ways to relax and rejuvenate, and rekindle your inner child.

Here are a few ideas for discovering your own creative escape:

1. Explore activities you were interested in growing up. What did you enjoy doing in the past or when you were a child? Have you noticed that you have a knack for drawing, writing, painting, sewing, gardening, music, woodwork, or making jewelry? Try some of the things that allowed you to be creative in the past.

· If you aren't sure about a particular creative outlet, start small. Don’t buy everything you need to really explore the new skill until you're certain that you've found something you'd like to stick with. Trust me on this! 2. Take a class. If you can't think of a creative outlet on your own, consider taking a class, seminar, or workshop. You can try a variety of different creative arts such as basket weaving, painting, photography, belly dance, cooking, drumming, pottery. The list is endless.

· Check your local college campuses, arts and crafts stores and continuing education schools to find weekend workshops and evening classes that teach these activities. And there is always YouTube!

· Also talk with your family and friends and see what you liked to do when you were a child that you may have forgotten about.

3. Write or journal. Writing and journaling can be a great creative outlet, whether you're freewriting about your day or putting your feelings into words in the form of poetry or song, your dreams or bucket list, or just to empty to your mind of all of the thoughts you have whirling around.

· Don't worry, you don't have to be a published author or professional writer to use writing as a productive creative outlet. If expressing your feelings on paper feels good to you, just enjoy the process.

4. Create gifts for others. Experiment with a variety of different creative expressions by making things for the people that you love. Bake cookies, write a poem, draw a picture, paint pottery, make a card, create a floral arrangement, or handcraft a piece of jewelry for someone you care about.

· Not only do these allow you to use creativity to deal with feelings and emotions, but they also let you share a part of yourself with those who are important to you.

5. Experiment with food. Whether you enjoy cooking, grilling, baking or candy making, you can experiment in the kitchen as a creative outlet. When you cook with feeling, you may be surprised with the results you create. You may find that you're more successful in your cooking and baking ventures when emotion is an ingredient.

· Share your creations with others. Regardless of whether you cook tasty meals or bake sweet treats, your gift recipients are sure to enjoy them.

· And remember to always stir or mix in a clockwise direction. This way you are stirring in love.

These ideas are just a starting point. There are plenty of options for you to pursue on your own. Just use your imagination!! Your creative outlet can be anything that you want it to be, just as long as it makes you happy. Just find something that brings you joy and use it as your creative outlet and express yourself. If you do this, you can find fun in every day.

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