Provided Breakfast and Lunch?

Better than muffins.

Better than muffins.

Yesterday, I went to an all day training session for work. I was a bit nervous, when I read that they were providing breakfast and lunch. Normally, this would be a good thing – who doesn’t like a free lunch? But, when you’re trying to watch what you’re eating, it can cause a bit of anxiety.  The first thing I did was go to the gym, at 7am. I wanted to get in a quick workout, just in case the provided food was pizza or something similar, which is both delicious and horrifying, for someone who loves it, but is trying to avoid it.

I was pleased, when I walked in and saw that they had a fresh fruit tray, for breakfast. Of course, they also had a tray full of muffins/pastries, which needed to be ignored. Next up, lunchtime. They provided sandwiches, an olive/pickle tray, pasta salad, chips and brownies. Dang. This was much harder than breakfast. I chose a roast beef sandwich, about a half cup of the pasta salad (with more broccoli than pasta) and a few olives. I tossed out half of the roll, from the sandwich, and took the cheese off, after I took a bite and realized there was cheese under the roast beef.  For a bit more protein, I took the meat off a second sandwich and tossed out the roll/cheese. The hardest part was ignoring the brownies. They were screaming my name. I satisfied my sweet tooth by having 2 mini tootsie rolls. Not a brownie, but it helped.




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  1. Alec
    Jun 28, 2013 @ 12:58:03

    Awesome! Fruit is so, so good. It’s totally OK to eat some chocolate (mostly the dark kind because of antioxidants) but only after a meal and never on it’s own. You probably know that but that’s my little tidbit for people reading this that don’t. Hee, hee. 😉


  2. Cindy
    Jun 28, 2013 @ 18:24:30

    Thanks for the tip, Alec! 🙂


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